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Pokemon Black & White Official Site Updated

Get your first look at the main characters and starter Pokemon.


The Pokemon Black & White official site was updated today with all the information that leaked out of Coro Coro Comics earlier this week.

[Update 5/15, 00:44 -- Pokemon Co. has also shared some direct feed media for Black and White. You can see that here.]

Of particular note is our first official look at your three starter Pokemon:

From left to right, you have:

Type: Grass, Classification: Grass Snake Pokemon, Ability: Overgrow, Height: 0.6m, Weight: 8.1kg
Type: Fire, Classification: Fire Pig Pokemon, Ability: Blaze, Height: 0.5m, Weight: 9.9kg
Type: Water, Classification: Sea Otter Pokemon, Ability: Torrent, Height: 0.5m, Weight: 5.9kg

You start the game by selecting one of these three as your partner.

But first, you have to pick your main character, selecting as always from a male or female protagonist.

You can perhaps see why there's some buzz about the main characters being so much more adult this time around. The official site refers to the male protagonist as having a smart/stylish image and the female protagonist as having a lively/active style.

Black & White takes place in a new setting, Isshu Region. The screenshots we've seen so far have been from the towering Hiun City. Now we have a closer look thanks to the official site:

The tiny screenshots shared at the site showing the more 3D nature of the city -- most notably the streets that extend out into the screen. There's also a shot which shows the player at a dock. "Will you be able to board a ship from here?" asks the site.

Also new to the site is a section on connectivity with the upcoming Pokemon movie. This section provides a slightly better look at Black & White battles.

Purchase an advanced movie ticket, and you'll be able to bring special color versions of Suicune, Raikou and Entei to Black & White.

The screens show a special battle that pits Raikou against Zoroark, potentially allowing you to catch Zoroark. While it looks like you're facing off against Entei, that's just Zoroark using his "Illusion" move which transforms him into other Pokemon.

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