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Sega Pushes Xbox 360 and PSP This Year

DS and Wii get fewer titles and lower sales targets.

Sega's Next 360 Action countdown. Is this one of those Xbox 360-only titles?

There's a slight imbalance in Sega's software software release plans for the current year, shared yesterday in Sega Sammy Holdings' annual earnings report.

Sega says that it plans 15 Xbox 360 SKUs for the year. PS3 and Wii get 11 SKUs each.

Additionally, Sega expects 360 to be its biggest platform in terms of overall software sales, with 2.66 million units. For PS3, Sega expects 2.52 million units. For Wii, Sega expects 1.55 million.

In portables, PSP will get 14 SKUs for 1.93 million units. DS will get 10 SKUs for 1.57 million units.

Sega's apparent leanings towards Xbox 360 and PSP are new this year. Last year, Wii and DS got most Sega SKUs and sold the most units -- respectively 23 SKUs for 5.74 million units and 24 SKUs for 4.29 million units.

Last year, Xbox 360 got 16 SKUs for 2.3 million units. PS3 got 20 SKUs for 3.56 million units.

PSP got just 8 SKUs last year, totaling 1.31 million units. The Japan-only Phantasy Star Portable 2 accounted for roughly half of those sales.

Total sales last year were 26.75 million pieces of software across 105 SKUs. Mario & Sonic on DS and Wii accounted for 6.53 million of that software total.

You can see more Sega sales figures (and Sammy pachinko figures if you like) at the Sega Sammy press release page.

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