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I Also Want To Save the World on Wii

Poisoft readying followup to WiiWare simulation Order.


Poisoft is readying sequel of sorts to its WiiWare king simulator "Order!". The new game is titled "Boku mo Sekai wo Sukuitai," or "I Too Want to Save the World" and will be released on June 1 at 1,000 WiiPoints.

In Bokusekai (how Japanese of me to shorten the name!), you attempt to raise a character into a hero. You start off by selecting your character's class from human, elf and dwarf types. Then, in the game's scenario mode, you build up the character by taking part in a variety of events that cover the full span of RPG musts, like exploring fields and dungeons, learning skills, using items, and meeting and parting from allies. This is followed by the simulation mode, where the character heads off to tackle quests on his own based off the personality you've built up in the growth mode.

To the right, selecting your character type.
Scenario mode has two types of events: story events (left) and random events (right).
Leveling up your character and equiping items.
The menus in scenario (left) and simulation (right) modes. In sim mode, you can make time advance to the next month.

The "hero" you're raising is actually the same brand of hero that carries out quests and errands for your king in Order!. The exact same events that appeared in that game appear in Bokusekai as events that build up your fledging hero. This event sharing works because Bokusekai and Order! share the same world, complete with the same location names.

The same event in Order (left) and Bokusekai (right).
The same event in Order (left) and Bokusekai (right).

Your overall goal in Bokusekai is to make your character be formally recognized as a hero. You can keep track of your character's progress towards herodome by viewing the periodically updated "World Hero Rankings." Categories include "Level Ranking," "Number of Cleared Problems Ranking," and "Wealth Ranking."

You can trade your hero with friends. The game can convert your hero into password form which can be traded with other players. Using this password feature, you can register multiple heroes simultaneously for the simulation mode. The game can register up to 128 heroes.

Ranking (left), generating a password (center) and allied characters (right).

One point Poisoft is pushing about Bokusekai is that it has a speedy interface. As soon as you select to do something, the result is displayed instantly. If you select to have your budding hero search a field, for instance, the result -- items and experience earned -- is displayed instantly. Likewise for when you select to make your character head out to a dungeon for exploration.

Choose to head out to a field, and the results will be displayed immediately.
Same with dungeons. Poi Soft promises no waiting.

Poisoft has opened a teaser site for I Too Want to Save the World. There's little content there at present, but the site does offer a development blog. This also doesn't have any info at present, but it will presumably be updated leading up to Bokusekai's release in a few weeks.

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