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Xbox 360 Special Forces Division Plays Ball

Izawa, Morito and the guy with the Xbox 360 logo for his head will be throwing out the first pitch at an upcoming baseball game.


What do Xbox 360 Special Forces Division members Izawa, Morito and San Roku Maru do when they're not securing exclusives major titles stuff for Microsoft?

They're apparently baseball fans. And they'll be living the baseball fan's ultimate dream as they throw out the first pitch at the upcoming Rakuten Eagles vs Yomiuri Giants game.

That game, set for May 21 at Kleenex Stadium (yes, that's Kleenex as in the thing you use to wipe your nose, and sometimes other parts when in a pinch), has been dubbed Xbox Night by Microsoft. In addition to the appearance by the Xbox Special Forces Division, both teams will take part in a pre-game ceremony where they will receive Xbox 360 systems as presents.

Let's hope the trio has greater success on the mound than they did when they tried to secure Fist of the North Star Musou for Xbox 360 release:

Baseball is just a side diversion for Xbox 360 Special Forces Division. They're still hard at work doing what they do best, of course -- promoting Xbox 360 in a bizarre Sega-on-its-last-legs sort of way.

Recently, there was somewhat of an uproar when a commercial featuring the three revealed that San Roku Maru, the guy with the Xbox 360 logo for a head, doesn't have an 360:

Thus far, the trio has worked to secure Monster Hunter Frontier, Nobunaga's Ambition Tendou, Fist of the North Star Musou, and a robot game that still hasn't been identified (but it may be Armored Core). You can see a video diary of their adventures here.

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