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Final Fantasy XIII Topped 5.5 Million Units Last Year

Square Enix provides a closer look at the year that was.

Final Fantasy XIII.

Square Enix has shared supplementary information on its 2009 earnings coinciding with its annual investors meeting that was held today in Tokyo.

You can see the the PDF in English and Japanese at Square Enix's investor relations page, but here are a few notable points.

In its earnings report from earlier today, the company said that five titles had sold one million units over the fiscal year. Along with regional splits (NA = North America, EU, = europe, JP = Japan), these titles and their total sales for the year were:

  • Final Fantasy XIII: 5.55 million (1.85 JP, 1.79 NA, 1.77 EU, 0.14 Asia/other)
  • Dragon Quest IX: 4.26 million (all Japan)
  • Batman Arkham Asylum: 3.24 million (0.03 JP, 1.82 NA, 1.39 EU)
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days: 1.49 million (0.54 JP, 0.75 NA, 0.20 EU)
  • Dragon Quest VI: 1.29 million (all Japan)

In addition to these, Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep sold 0.76 million units between Japan and Asia. The game has yet to see release in Western territories. Dissidia Final Fantasy sold 0.82 million units over the period, bringing its total to 1.81 million.

Goals for the current fiscal year ending March 2011 include:

  • Globalization, with strengthened US and European business framework and stronger businesses in China and emerging markets
  • Becoming Network Centric, with the launch of Final Fantasy XIV
  • Strengthening of IPs, with the creation of new AAA brands and cross media developments

For the current year, the company aims to sell 24 million units of software, split 25% Japan, and 37.5% each for North America and Europe. In the previous year the company sold 26.66 million units, split 44% Japan, 28% North America, 27% Europe and 1% "other."

A section in the supplement report lists major releases for the fiscal year, although these cover just "announced launches." It's likely that Square Enix has more on the way past September outside of Final Fantasy XIV and Front Mission Evolved.

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