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This Week's Flying Get

Virtual On Force set for Xbox 360. The latest news leaks, updated throughout the day! [latest update: 13:27]

Sega's teaser site. Are we going to have to pretend to be surprised in five days?

Are you ready for the latest updates from Japan before the vast majority of Japanese people even see them? Then you're ready for this week's flying get!

Every week, a few lucky gamers manage to get their hands on top game magazines like Famitsu and Dengeki a day or two in advance of their street dates. This column will contain all the dirty bits from those magazines. The information here is usually based off the summaries posted at Game Jouhou.

As always, I haven't seen any of this for myself, so don't take it as official until you've read it elsewhere on the site.

The column will be updated as new info comes in, so check back throughout the day. (Don't worry -- I'll post a notice here when updates are done).

[update 20:49 -- updates have ended, so check the main channel for further info. ]

New From Namco Bandai: Knights Contract [added 13:24]

Namco Bandai has an all new multiplatform PS3 and Xbox 360 action title in the works. Knights Contract will hit the two systems some time in 2011.

This original title focuses on Heinrich, a man who was cursed with immortality, and Gretchen, the witch who placed that curse on him. Heinrich forms a "Knight Contract" with Gretchen and the two end up working together to solve a task of some form. It seems that Gretchen has traveled from a different time in order to do battle with Faust (from the German legend).

You take control of Heinrich, who wields swords of greater height than himself. Gretchen helps you out using support magic.

The game promises strange beasts and flashy brutal action that will make players throughout the world take note. This seems to imply a worldwide release.

ACE R Dated

PS3 owners won't be getting a version of Virtual On Force (see below), but Namco Bandai is stepping up with a summer release for Another Century's Episode R. The PS2 franchise revival will hit PS3 on August 19.

As a bonus item, Namco Bandai will be including a product code that lets you use Z Gundam 3 from the start.

Famitsu got this particular scoop. The magazine also has a full preview of the game, revealing a new "pilot change" system which lets you change your pilot for mechs that have multiple pilot options.

The magazine also details two attack options:

  • Charge Attack -- You can charge this attack up to three levels
  • Burst Attack -- A unique charge attack for each pilot

Sega's Big Surprise

Sega has five days left on that darn countdown of theirs, but it looks like details have leaked out in advance.

The big surprise appears to be Virtual On Force, an Xbox 360 version of Sega's like-named Hikaru-based arcade title, which twisted the Virtual On formula a bit by offering four player battles.

Sega is packing the home version with content, from single player to multiplayer. For solo players, the game offers a mission mode. Multiplayer options include a 2 on 2 "Leader Battle" mode and a co-op giant boss battle mode. Combat modes are available in online and four player split screen offline.

Unlike the Xbox 360 version of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, which was released as an Xbox Live Arcade download, it looks like this one will be a full retail release.

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