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What Is Baten Kaitos Director Yasuyuki Honne Up To?

Honne almost makes mention of secret project in recent interview.

Honne plays with... oh man is that a model of the Xenoblade world?

RPG specialist Monolith Soft is making frequent appearances in the gaming headlines of late thanks to Xenoblade, which is gearing up for a June 10 release from Nintendo.

But the Tokyo studio seems to have more in the works. In fact, the director of one of the studio's trademark franchises seems like he can't wait to talk about his newest project.

Baten Kaitos series director Yasuyuki Honne was featured today in a staff interview at the Monolith corporate site. CEO Hirohide Sugiura quizzed Honne on the topic of advancements in games and CG.

The interview began by Sugiura asking Honne to introduce his work. The conversation went a little something like this:

Honne: I was art director on Xenosaga Episode 1, which was also my first project at Monolith Soft. I was director and art director on Baten Kaitos and Baten Kaitos II. For the soon-to-be released Xenoblade, I made concept art. Outside of these, when we get graphics work from other companies, I do direction inside the company. By the way, I'm currently...

Sugiura: Ah, that's still...

Honne: I'm doing secret work (laughs).

So what is this mystery project that Honne tried to mention before Sugiura stopped him? We're going to have to speculate for now!

Elsewhere in the interview, Sugiura asked Honne to name the title he's worked on that has left him with the fondest memories. Honne's answer was Baten Kaitos.

[Seen at Game Jouhou]

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