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Idol Master Meets Tekken 6 in New Download Content

Dress your girls like Ling Xiaoyu.


Namco Bandai is crossing its franchises again, and now Tekken fans may find themselves wanting to try their hand at virtual producing.

Idol Master SP's upcoming Catalogue 16 download content includes a costume that dresses your idols up as Tekken 6's Ling Xiaoyu.

Here's Iori Minase side by side with Ling Xiaoyu's Tekken 6 artwork:

The costume will run you ¥1,000. Namco Bandai is also including a panda teddy bear and an arm ring, priced at ¥200 each.

Outside of the items, the catalogue offers four remix songs: Mahou wo Kakate!, Agent Yo wo Yuku, Positive!, and Watashi ha Idol (I'm an Idol -- there's actually a heart after the song's name). These are priced ¥30 for each girl.

Catalogue 16 hits on May 26. View a promotional video for the catalogue here:


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