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Here's what happens when you get your wife in My Wife

Even digital wives try to change you.


Idea Factory's upcoming Xbox 360 exclusive love sim may be called My Wife, but you don't actually start off the game married.

When you begin play, you find yourself in "Lovers' Volume," where you experience the last few months of high school with your future wife as boyfriend and girlfriend. The game eventually moves on to Bride Volume where you experience full married life.

A change in relationship status from girlfriend to wife brings about a few expected changes to your living quarters.

In the case of your family/dining room:

Note the addition of flowers, a table cloth, a rug, an extra painting, and a new set of books.

There are some changes to your bathroom as well:

How did you take a shower all those years without a shower curtain? Unless... baths!?

More pics, including prototype wife sketches, at Gpara.com.

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