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Xenoblade: A Tale of Two Videos

A six minute introduction video and a 60 second commercial.


We've got two Xenoblade videos for your viewing needs today. One clocks in at about a minute. The other... well, you'd better get comfortable for it.

First, the short clip, a grouping of three commercials:

The first commercial starts with legendary hero Dunban saying "On the other side of those clouds are our enemy, the Kishin World."

Our hero, Shulk, shouts "I want to know, why did the Kyoshin World and Kishin World come to fight? I must find out!"

Next, it's heroine Fiorun's turn, as she says "Until the very end, I will fight with Shulk."

Someone whom I presume is a villain finishes off the clip by I believe asking if you can hear the sound of Kishin awakening.

Two fifteen second spots follow. These end with a couple of catch phrases. First, "At the end of conflict, is there a future?" and then, "At the end of sadness, is there a future?"

Now for the clip you'll want to sit down for, a 6 minute promotional video:

This seems to cover everything we know about the game, from the background story involving the battle between the Kyoshin and Kishin gods, to the adventure components in the game's massive world, all the way to the seamless battle system and character customization.

Just two weeks until Xenoblade's June 10 release!

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