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Tokyo Game Show is an Idol

CESA unveils the main visual for this year's big event.


Last year's Tokyo Game show main visual:

And now this year's:

The slogan at the bottom reads something along the lines of "Gaming heads to a new chapter."

Show organizer CESA unveiled the main visual and slogan today. The visual was created by Ippei Gyoubu, a visual designer with work in magazines and advertisements. In the visual, TGS is represented by an idol who's come to a futuristic city. The show is like an idol, CESA says, as it constantly draws the attention and admiration of game players.

TGS will be held this year from September 16 through September 19. The first two days are business-only, with the last two days opening up for the general public.

CESA expects 180 companies to show product this year and a total visitor count of 180,000 across the four days.

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