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Love Plus+ Collaborates with a Hotel

Activities being planned at Atami onsen for those who bring their digital girlfriend with them.

Let's hope Ohnoya provides plastic covers to keep the DS from getting wet.

One new feature of Love Plus+ is that it lets you experience a weekend vacation with your digital girlfriend. These are played out in real time, meaning you have to literally spend the weekend with your DS and some bits and bytes (yes, I know... they're more than just bits and bytes).

Adding to the reality is that the vacation spots are based off real life locations from around Japan. One activity producer Akari Uchida seems to be encouraging is that players actually travel to the date location, leading to a feedback effect that one could call compound reality.

Boyfriends who choose to follow Uchida's suggestion and find themselves on the beaches of Atami in Shizuoka will want to stay at Ohnoya Hotel. Konami is holding a tie-up with the hotel and onsen facility.

Detailed today at the hotel website, Ohnoya Hotel is planning activities for those who bring their copy of the game with them. The hotel did not provided specifics.

This announcement came from the hotel itself rather than Konami. It's possible that Konami has tie-ups planned with other hotels and tourist facilities around Japan. Expect these places to get real busy come birthday time.

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