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Sonic Colors Announced for Japan Too

Yes indeedy!


Like most things Sonic, Sega's announcement of Sonic Colors came first overseas. Japan got up to speed today.

Sonic Colors is being readied for Japanese Wii and DS release this Winter. You can see a super short teaser trailer at the newly opened official site.

For this latest Sonic game, Sega promises high speed gameplay in a massive, colorful space theme park, backed by new actions like "drill" and "laser." The "Colors" name comes from your use of an action called "Color Power" to advance through the stages.

The game will make use of the unique capabilities of both target platforms. On the DS, you'll find stages that have Sonic running between the two screens. The Wii version will mix 2D and 3D perspectives.

More details will be coming at the E3 gaming expo, which will be held in Los Angeles starting on June 15. The game will be playable there.

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