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Nintendo Drops DS Price

DS Lite, DSi and DS LL all seeing price drops coinciding with release of new colors.


Nintendo announced today a price cut for its current lineup of DS hardware.

Starting June 19, the DS Lite will go from ¥16,800 to open pricing. The DSi will go from ¥18,900 to ¥15,000. The DSi LL (XL overseas) will drop from ¥20,000 to ¥18,000.

The new prices coincide with the release of new Blue, Yellow and Green color variations of the DSi LL hardware. These will arrive on the 19th as well.

The new DSi LL colors.

The new colors join the current lineup of Wine Red, Dark Brown and Natural White.

In its press release announcing the price and colors, Nintendo noted that the DS platform has seen total domestic shipments of over 30 million units as of the end of March. However, with the lower price and the new colors, it hopes to spread its idea of "one system per person" further.

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