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You'll Love the Love Plus+ DSi LL Systems

Who needs Blue, Yellow and Green when you can have Manaka, Rinko and Nene?


Yeah, so Konami's full unveiling of the Love Plus+ special DSi LL units today totally outclasses Nintendo's unveiling of the Blue, Yellow and Green DSi LL units.

On June 24, you can buy Love Plus+ on its own. It will cost you ¥4,800 and will look like this:

(It may not look like much, but there's 4 gigs of love in that case!)

Alternatively, you can buy Love Plus+ bundled with a special DSi LL unit matched to the digital girl of your preference.

Konami is readying three bundles: Love Plus+ Manaka Deluxe, Love Plus+ Rinko Deluxe, and Love Plus+ Nene Deluxe. Each bundle includes a special original DSi LL unit showing new artwork of the girls from artist Mino Taro. These are the first special DSi LL system variations.

Pricing for Deluxe units is set at ¥24,000. The bundles will go on limited sale starting June 24, the same day as the standard software-only version of the game.

Those who want to truly invest in digital love will want to pick up the LovePlus+ Premium Pack from Konami Style. This includes Love Plus+, one of the three special DSi LL units shown above, a CD called "Mimimoto Love Plus," a book titled "Towa no Watcher Love Plus+," a set of Manaka, Rinko and Nene fans featuring new illustrations, a B2 promotional poster, and a 3 character set charm collection. This bundle is priced ¥28,800.

I was hoping to check Konami Style for a picture of the Premium Pack, but the site is, strangely, overcrowded right now.

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