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Your Ultimate Love Plus + Fantasies in Real Bonus Form

Manaka, Rinko and Nene are changing out of their gym shorts... just for you.


So, you know how retailer-separate bonus items for just about any game always seem to show the game's female cast in their undies or swimwear? Love Plus + tops them all. Here's your chance to see the game's three heroines changing out of their gym shorts (possibly into their undies or swimwear).

The two on the left are clear files. The one on the right is a tosho card. They'll be included at, respectively, Geo, Joshin Denki and Imagine/Magical.

You'll have to pick your girl and shop accordingly. Or, you can shop Sofmap and live every Love Plus fan's forbidden fantasy.

Manaka, Rinko and Nene are at the onsen, and you're allowed to watch... without having to find a hole in the fence. This is unfortunately just a telephone card and not the giant ceiling poster it should be.

Not all the Love Plus + bonus items are so risque. Here's what you get from Rakuten Books:

It's the Love Plus + girls in chibi form and dressed like animals! Wait... what could be more risque!

More details at the official site.

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