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Xenoblade's 2nd AKB48 commercial is... yep, still totally WTF

Mayu Watanabe is concerned about the future.


Xenoblade's image character is Mayu Watanabe, member of 48-girl JPOP group AKB48.

Here's Watanabe is in her first spot for the game, "Body of a Machine," which began airing on the 1st.

This spot left people with such lingering questions as "Why" and "WTF!?"

By the way, Watanabe looks like this when her face isn't attached to a CG body:

Now here's Watanabe in her second spot for the game, "Unclear Future."

She asks "What will happen to us from here on out?"

That's general director Tatsuya Takahashi and composer Yasunori Mitsuda's end theme song in the background.

In case you're hoping to find Xenoblade at retail on Thursday, don't look for Watanabe's face. Here are some better ways to identify the game:

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