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This Week's Flying Get

Compile Heart's new game revealed in advance! All your unverified magazine leaks in one location!

Another countdown spoiled!

Ready for some pre E3 flying get? Famitsu and Dengeki info is scheduled to leak out today in advance of Thursday and Friday street dates, and with E3 kicking off next week, there's a good chance we'll get some advance reveals!

As always, this summary of early magazine leaks is based off a summary at game info site Game Jouhou, which gets its info from message boards and shady Korean sites. The information is usually (pretty much always, actually) correct, but you should probably wait for confirmation before bringing it up at cocktail parties.

Check back throughout the day for updates! Or don't and just say that you did.

Nippon Ichi X Flight Plan X Apollo Software

What happens when Nippon Ichi (Disgaea) teams with Flight Plan (Summon Night) teams with Apollo Software (I have no clue...)? You get a candidate for this year's best named adventure: "Blue Roses: The Fairy and the Blue Eyed Warriors." PSP owners will get this game... some time in the future.

New Otomedeus for Xbox 360

Otomedues has gone from "Gorgeous" to "Excellent." The Xbox 360 followup to Konami's comical shooter Otomedues G (Gorgeous!) is titled Otomedues X (Excellent!). Konami promises more characters, stages, music and download content. Development is currently at 25%, with a release set for Fall at ¥7,140.

Screen from Otomedeus G.

Space Invaders Infinity Gene Set for PS3 and Xbox 360

Taito and Square Enix are bringing Space Invaders Infinity Gene to PS3 and Xbox 360. Originally a mobile and iPhone game, the console adaptation apparently adds 3D and bullet hell stages. This download release will arrive some time in 2010.

Here's a look at the iPhone version:

Square Enix Teams With Lost Odyssey Developer

Lost Odyssey developer Feel Plus is teaming up not with Mistwalker but with Square Enix. The studio's new Xbox Live Arcade game, set to be published by Square Enix, is titled Moon Diver.

This side scrolling action title includes support for four player online cooperative play. You have access to speedy combo attacks, team-up attacks with your friends, and acrobatic actions that make use of the walls and ceilings.

Class of Heroes 3 Set for PSP and PS3

Class of Heroes 3 is going multiplatform on PSP and PS3! A release is set for September! The Japanese title is "Ken to Mahou to Gakuenmono. 3," which is just the name of all the other entries in the series with a 3 after it.

And that's all we know at the moment. Famitsu seems to have an actual article on the game, which shouldn't be confused with PS3's also currently unreleased Class of Heroes 2G, so expect additional details later.

This screenshot is from Class of Heroes 2G.

Compile Heart's Mystery Game Is...

Surprise, surprise -- the identity of Compile Heart's latest mystery title has been revealed in advance of the counter reaching zero on Friday. And further surprise -- it's Agarest Senki 2!

(By the way, I was being totally sarcastic on both accounts.)

The sequel, set for PS3 release this Fall, will feature the multi generational gameplay of its predecessor. This includes the Soul Breed system, which makes the parameters of your hero in subsequent generations change based off your choice of heroines in the current generation.

As a new feature, it seems that you'll be able to make characters who aren't all that fond of you into heroines. I wish that worked in real life...

The game also promises new special skills which can greatly change the flow of battle, and super mega ultra powerful team attacks that involve your entire party.

Here's a link to Compile Heart's countdown site so you can mock it.

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