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New Wii Party Mini Games Revealed

Nintendo's new mini game athon has mini games in its mini games!

The game selection screen.

Retailers let slip a few intriguing bits on Wii Party's various mini game offerings last week. Now, thanks to Famitsu, we have a glimpse at even more games for the upcoming minigame collection.

As previously detailed, Wii Party consists of three main modes of play: Living Party, Classic Party and Pair Party.

Living Party consists of six special games that make heavy heavy use of the Wiimote. Famitsu has details on the three that were already detailed by last week:

Wanwan Karuta
For 2-4 players. Each Wiimote releases a different animal sound. Players have to be the first to grab the Wiimote that releases the sound of the animal shown on screen.
Sensitive Bomb
For 2-4 players. Players hold the Wiimote as if it were a bomb set to explode and hand it off to one another, trying not to make it shake. An on-screen graph shows the level of shake in real time.
Remote Control Hide and Seek
For 2-4 players. One player hides his Wiimote somewhere in the room. The game makes the Wiimote release a sound every ten seconds. Other players have to try and find the Wiimote based off the sound.

The game's you'll find in Classic Party mode are versions of classic games whose rules everyone should know. Here are three examples:

Overseas Vacation Game
For 1-4 players. In this board game, players start off in Japan and draw cards to advance throughout the world in an attempt to collect commemorative pictures. Each turn results in mini games.
For 1--4 players. Players shake the Wiimote like dice in order to determine how far they advance on a board. Each turn includes mini game play.
For 1-4 players. This game uses Mii-based cards for a game of bingo. When a Mii's ball appears, you check that Mii off on your play card. When a mini game ball appears, you and your friends face off in mini games.

Pair Party mode include three games designed for two. Here are two of the included three:

Compatibility Check
For 2 players. Play mini games and answer questions in order to determine your compatibility with your fellow player.
Balance Ship
For 1-2 players. You place Miis on a ship, attempting to keep the ship balanced.
The world board game (left) and ship balance game (right).

The mini games that you play in Classic Party and Pair Party mode number over 80. Here are a few examples.

Gura Gura Present
Four players hold the Wiimote horizontally and attempt to keep the balance of their own stack of presents.
High Speed Bob Sled
A cooperative game where two players hold the Wiimote horizontally and attempt to control a bobsled by timing their right and left tilts.
Volley Shoot Match
Shake the Wiimote with good timing to volley balls back to your opponents. It looks like you'll end up playing with massive balls at times.
Balloon Coaster
Two players ride a roller coaster, using the Wiimote to point and shoot at balloons. The balloons give different scores depending on color.
Barrel Hurdle
Jump over rolling barrels as you run to a goal. By shaking the Wiimote in mid jump, you can extend the jump a bit.
Luck Trolley
Select from three routes for your trolley. Only one route will lead you to the goal. You have to rely on luck to guess the route.
Giri Giri Ski Jump
A four player ski jump game where you attempt to wait until the very last minute before jumping.
Gallop Derby
A horse racing game where you whip your horse with the Wiimote. Pacing is important for this four player competitive game.
Splash Boat
A two player cooperative game where players use the Wiimote as right or left oars and attempt to make their way down turbulent waters, avoiding rocks and other obstacles.
Trap Adventure
In this side view game, players must cooperate to clear seesaws and other traps as they advance toward a goal.
Rear Battle
In this overhead game, you and three other players each control trolleys on a maze of tracks. The trolleys advance forward automatically. You have to attempt to ram into your friends from behind in order to defeat them.

These mini games can also be played on their own outside of the Pair Party and Classic Party modes.

A collage of Wii Party screens that retailers shared last week.

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