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Class of Heroes 3 goes Multiplatform

PSP and PS3 release for next entry in Acquire's school-based dungeon crawling series.

Screenshot from Class of Heroes 2G.

Class of Heroes 2G isn't even out yet, but Acquire has already unveiled the next entry in the series. Class of Heroes 3 is being prepared for September release and will be multiplatform on PS3 and PSP.

The basics appear to remain the same for the sequel. You create a student, join a school for adventurers, and taken take on quests that involve dungeon exploration and battles.

You'll find far greater variation when creating your in-game persona. You can select race, physical appearance, gender, hair style, hair color and even voice. All these options result in over 75,000 character patterns.

Included in these patterns are unexpected mixings of male and female traits. You can apparently set your character's gender to male, but give him -- or her -- a female appearance.

You'll be able to select from three schools for your adventure training. Depending on your school, your character's uniform will change, and you'll also find a different story.

Some of the features that were announced for 2G will make it into 3. Like 2G, the game will be full voice, even for NPC characters. Additionally, the game will have a tie-up with pop group Sphere, who will appear as in-game characters.

The PSP and PS3 version of the game will link up with each other. Monsters that you've defeated in the PSP version will appear in the PS3 version. Items that are used by rare monsters that appear in the PSP version will be usable in the PS3 version.

The two versions will also link up with their respective predecessors. If you have save data from Class of Heroes 2, you'll get special items in the PSP version. Likewise for the PS3 version and Class of Heroes 2G.

Other improvements for Class of Heroes 3 include a more user-friendly interface, complete with a tutorial, and more realistic visuals. Combat has been made more dynamic, with greater animation patterns for enemies and icons showing how a character feels during battle. Acquire is also planning on offering downloadable item.

PSP and PS3 cross platform Class of Heroes hits in September.

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