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A Few New Sonic Colors Details

Sonic transforms into a laser to go faster than ever and bounce off walls.


This week's Famitsu offers a couple of new bits on Sonic Colors, the new DS and Wii entry in the Sonic series.

As previously detailed, Colors teams Sonic with one-eyed alien creatures known as Wisps. Together, Sonic and the Wisps must stop Eggman's plots in the space-based theme park "Egg Planet Park."

The Wisps give Sonic special "Color Power." The blue and white "White Wisp" creature whose artwork was shown at the game's unveiling a couple of weeks back gives Sonic an ability known as "Cyan Laser." This turns the hedgehog into a beam of light, increasing his speed and making him bounce back and forth off walls.

You'll also find Wisps in a variety of different colors, including red and yellow, each offering a different power. One of these, the ability to turn into a drill and dig into the ground, was previously mentioned.

The magazine also shares screenshots from both the Wii and DS versions of the game. The DS version will feature stages that span both screens. The Wii version has full 3D maps.

Both versions arrive this Winter.

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