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Square Enix and Feel Plus Team for Moon Driver

Futuristic ninja action on Xbox Live Arcade from the makers of Lost Odyssey.


Square Enix's latest Xbox Live Arcade title looks like a 2D fan's dream game. Moon Driver is a side scrolling action game featuring sharp visuals, giant bosses and cooperative multiplayer online play.

The game takes place hundreds of years in the future following the "final judgment." You play as a member of rank A ninja battalion Moon Diver and face off against the enemies of mankind.

Gameplay promises simple 2 button controls allowing for combos, acrobatic actions that make use of the walls and ceilings, and special "Moonsault Combination" finishing moves. Four players will be able to team up online for cooperative play, complete with team-up attacks.

Developed by Lost Odyssey and Ninety-Nine Nights II developer Feel Plus, Moon Diver will see Xbox Live Arcade release some time this year.

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