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Yakuza PSP Has a Twist on the Ramen Tie-ups

Get a part time job at a ramen shop in order to fund your pole dancing spectator habit.

When Tatsuya isn't fighting in the underground Dragon Heat fighting tournament, he's making ramen and watching pole dancers.

Yakuza and ramen are like Yakuza and Don Quixoti. If there's a Yakuza game, you can always expect a ramen tie-up of some form.

This holds true for the PSP's new Yakuza game, Black Panther: Yakuza New Chapter. Only there's somewhat of a twist.

The game's main character, Tatsuya, is a ways younger than the hero of past Yakuza games, Kazuma Kiryu. He's young enough that working part time at a fast food joint wouldn't be too much of an embarrassment.

And that's just what Tatsuya will be doing. In Black Panther, rather than simply replenishing your health via a visit to Kamurocho's famous ramen restaurant Kyushu Ichibanboshi, you'll be able to take up a part time job at the shop.

Screens in this week's Famitsu make the part time job look like a rhythm mini game. Tatsuya is shown behind the counter, facing the screen. Buttons scroll across a rhythm bar. It looks like you have to time your presses in order to make Tatsuya put ingredients in the ramen.

The ramen shop in Yakuza 4.

Tatsuya will need to take on part time jobs if he runs out of money by, oh say, too many visits to all those darn Yakuza series play spots. Black Panther looks like it will have lots of these too. The magazine shows batting practice and hostess club sequences.

For the hostess component, Sega has signed on real life gravure idols Yuu Tejima, An Nakamura and Aya Hoshi. The three will lend their likenesses and real names to the game.

Screens show Nakamura's in-game version dong magical things with a pole. Tatsuya will presumably have to make lots and lots of ramen in order to get his fill of that.

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