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Otomedius Followup Adds Offline Party Play

New characters and more also on the way for Xbox 360 shooting sequel.

Screenshot from Otomedius G.

Otomedius G -- the G stands for Gorgeous -- is getting an Xbox 360 sequel. As detailed in this week's Famitsu, Otomedius X -- the X stands for Excellent -- will feature the same gameplay of its 2008 predecessor but with a number of new features.

Joining the Xbox Live online co-op shooting of the original, the game will now feature a multiplayer offline mode. Famitsu put two exclamation points next to this feature in its preview of the game this week, so I presume it's something players have been demanding.

New characters are on the way for the sequel. Famitsu introduces four, including vampire hunter Kokoro Belmont and two characters from the Busou Shinki figure series.

Some of these characters will be available as download content, an area Konami plans on paying greater attention to for the sequel. Characters, stages and BGM will be on offer.

Otomedius G is currently 25% complete. A retail release is planned for Fall.

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