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Xenoblade has a seamless world AND bikinis!

It's not underwear, it's swimwear!


Unique world setting? Check!

Seamless world with no-transition battle system? Check! Check!

Music from an all-star list of composers? Check! Check! Check!

Xenoblade has all that, and bathing suits too!

Some 2channelers reckon the conversation with the CERO ratings board went a little something like this:

CERO: So what's with the characters showing their undies when you take their equipment off?

Monolith: It's not their undies, it's swimwear.


Monolith: It's swimwear.

CERO: Swimwear, you say?

Monolith: Swimwear.

CERO: Oh, well then it's okay!

And thus Xenoblade got a B rating.

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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