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Itagaki's Game Announcement Coming Tomorrow

No need to wait for E3! First details arriving soon.

What has the former Team Ninja master been up to?

Counting the days until the E3 reveal of Tomonobu Itagaki's new game? Well you'll have to count just one more day, because the unveiling is actually coming tomorrow!

The Valhalla Game Studios homepage was updated today with notice about the unveiling. According to the site, first details will be announced starting June 11 at 20:30 (Pacific Time) on a Spike TV pre-E3 broadcast, and via interviews at Eurogamer, Famitsu.com and Kotaku.

Little is known about Itagaki's new game, which is being developed at Valhalla Game Studios, a studio he helped open up following his departure from Tecmo and Team Ninja. Earlier this week, Itagaki made a blog post promising an E3 reveal for the long awaited game.

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