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Love Plus Takes Potatoes at Annual Romance Awards

NRA recognizes Konami girlfriend simulator for contributions to romance.


The Nippon Romanticist Association (NRA) held its first Japan Romance Awards ceremony on the 14th, and Love Plus was among the big winners.

The three girlfriend choices in Love Plus.

Konami's girlfriend simulator was honored with the Romance Creative Award. The game was noted for having delivering upon its concept of "A Little Plus Love in Your Daily Life" and for being full of the "power of romance."

Love Plus mastermind Akari Uchida took the stage to receive the award and said "We made this game because we wanted to show the preciousness of human relationships after you've gotten together. We've been hearing from players that they've come to value more greatly their wife or girlfriend. With that meaning, we feel that we perhaps managed to contribute to romance."

Also honored at the awards were Tokyo Tower with the Romance Area Award and Present Tree with the Romance Service Award. Present Tree is a gift that consists of a plant and a special message.

Winners were given a trophy and a crate of potatoes. These potatoes are known as Romance Potatoes, as they come from the city of Unzen, which is apparently known as the "Holy Land of Romance."

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