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Fire Emblem Update

Here's what's new for the DS remake of the Super Famicom classic.


Nintendo unleashed all the details you could possibly want on the DS's latest Fire Emblem game this past Friday with a huge update at the game's official site.

Fully titled "Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem -- Hero of Light and Shadow," this second DS entry in the classic strategy series is a remake of a Super Famicom title. Nintendo announced the game a couple of weeks back as part of its commemoration of the franchise's 20th anniversary.

At the official site, the newly added Topics section lists some of what's new for the game. These include:

My Unit
As previously detailed, you create your very own character to star alongside main character Marth in the game's story. You can customize your My Unit in appearance and abilities. For details, see this story.
Casual Mode
The game has four difficulty levels: normal, hard, maniac and lunatic. After selecting difficulty, you can select between Casual and Classic modes. In Classic mode, allies who are killed in battle don't return -- just like in past Fire Emblem games. In Casual mode, fallen allies return for the next battle.
Character Relationship Chart
You can view a growing character relationship chart as the story progresses.
Download Content
Nintendo will be offering new scenarios and special items via Wi-Fi Connection.
There are three ways to save progress. You can save following each chapter. You can pause play during the middle of a battle. Here, the save file is deleted when you continue. The game also includes save points directly on the battle field. These are handled like standard saves.
Wireless Play
Face off against other play via wireless or Wi-Fi Connection. These fights take place on multiplayer-specific maps.
Rental Unit
You can trade units from your battle party with friends. Nintendo suggests using this feature to borrow powerful units when you can't clear a map.
Online Shop
You'll be able to purchase weapons from an online shop using in-game money. The lineup of items will change regularly.

Also visit the site's battle section for a video clip showing off combat. One point of note about battle is that the game will now end if either Marth or your "My Unit" avatar character are killed.

Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem is set for July 15 release, priced at ¥4,800.

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