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Hori Reissuing Xbox 360 Twin Sticks

Pricey peripheral to be offered to Virtual On Force buyers.

The massive Twin Sticks EX peripheral.

Hori made many a Virtual On fan happy (and broke) with the release of the Twin Sticks EX peripheral, a made-to-order controller that replicated the Virtual On arcade control setup on Xbox 360. For top Virtual On players, this was essential for getting the most out of the Xbox Live Arcade port of Virtual On Oratorio Tangram, even though the peripheral cost over 20 more than the game.

Virtual On is back on Xbox 360 through Virtual On Force. So are those who choose to jump into the series with this second release going to be out of luck at replicating the arcade feel? The answer is no! Hori will be reissuing the Twin Sticks EX device for Force's release.

This news came from producer Yasushi Yamashita in the latest post at the Virtual On Force blog.

The terms for obtaining the Twin Sticks EX reissue are the same as they were for the Oratoro Tangram release. Hori will be taking pre-orders exclusively through Hori Store.com and will only go into production if they reach a certain number or orders. The device will be priced around ¥30,000.

Details will presumably come in a future update at the blog and directly through Hori.

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