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Metal Gear Solid 3DS Was Hideo Kojima's Top Secret Project

Metal Gear master directing new 3DS title himself.


Hideo Kojima has been Tweeting about a "top secret project" over the past few months. Today, he revealed the identity the project.

Tweeted Kojima today, "The Nintendo conference ended at the Nokia Theater. We'll be showing 3DS MGS in the Nintendo booth on the E3 show floor. Be sure and check it out running directly on the system. We've at last been able to reveal it. This is the "Secret Project" that I'm directing."

It's unclear if the "Secret Project" is separate from the "taboo project" that Kojima was also frequently Tweeting about prior to E3. We'll probably have to wait for Kojima himself to clarify the matter.

The 3DS Metal Gear Solid game is also the third and final game from the Kojima Productions E3 portal site, where it is referred to as "Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D," suggesting that it may have a connection with the second PlayStation 2 Metal Gear Solid game.

Konami also opened a teaser site for the new game with a bunch of screens, but no textual details.

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