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Kojima: 3DS Metal Gear Not Taboo Game

Metal Gear creator clears up some confusion from the LAX lounge.


Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima spent less than a day on the E3 show floor before heading to LAX to fly off to Paris for a Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker launch event.

Despite this busy schedule, would you believe he had enough time to clear up some confusion regarding Konami's big E3 surprise reveal, Metal Gear Solid 3DS?

While in the airport lounge, Kojima responded to a Tweet from a follower asking if the 3DS MGS game was the "taboo" title he'd Tweeted about in the past.

The answer is no. The taboo game, responded Kojima, is unrelated to the 3DS. It's actually his next game, the one that he's currently planning.

Kojima is serving as director and designer on the 3DS Metal Gear Solid game. While Konami has provided screenshots, it has yet to share specific details on the game.

MGS 3DS appears to be a remake of Metal Gear Solid 3. Konami has yet to provide details.

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