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Gran Turismo 5 Set for November

Sony adds 3D visuals and face tracking tech to growing list of features.


The full PlayStation 3 incarnation of Sony's real driving simulator series finally has a release time frame. Coinciding with announcements made by Sony Computer Entertainment America in Los Angeles during an E3 press conference earlier today, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced a general November time frame for Gran Turismo 5's Japanese release. Pricing is set at ¥7,980.

During the press conference, the game's American release was confirmed for a more specific November 2.

Sony Japan also shared updated specifications for the game:

  • Online: Support for Communication
  • Car Count: Over 1,000 Planned
  • Course Count: Over 20 locations and 70 variations
  • Can carry over car data from PSP Gran Turismo
  • 3D support
  • Face tracking functionality

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