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This Week's Flying Get of They Still Release Game Magazines During E3?

Metal Gear Solid Rising details, Namco Bandai's shooter bundle and more. Updated throughout the day!


With E3 in progress right now, you might think all the big game announcements are coming from America. That would be the case, if it weren't Flying Get Wednesday!

The details are the same as always. Every Wednesday, magazine info leaks out in advance of Friday and Thursday street dates and is quickly posted to message boards and shady Korean websites. Game Jouhou summarizes the info into consumable bits, and I summarize those summaries here.

I won't be able to verify any of this until I've gotten the magazines for myself in a few hours, so please no wagering for the time being!

Check back throughout the day for more info as it comes in.

[Update 22:03 -- I've stopped updating this week's article. Yes, it is a somewhat slow week as far as Famitsu reveals go!]

Namco Bandai Bundles its Shooters

That's shooters as in gun shooting games. Time Crisis 4, Time Crisis Razing Storm and the extremely new Dead Storm Pirates are being bundled together on one PS3 disc for release this Fall. Sony announced separately today that the game will be Move compatible.

Sony's Mystery Countdown is Patapon 3

You probably already figured this out if you viewed Sony's E3 press conference. Patapon 3 is in development for PSP and it is the game whose beta Sony started counting down to last week. But why does Patapon 3 need a beta test? We'll hopefully find out shortly.

Metal Gear Rising

Konami debuted first gameplay footage of Metal Gear Rising at Microsoft's E3 briefing, but they didn't get around to detailing the game. It looks like Famitsu has us covered.

Leaked information from the magazine reveals a setting of somewhere between MGS2 and MGS4. Also, the game won't be all flashy sword play. You'll also have to make use of sneaking action.

There's hopefully more than just this.

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