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Sony Shares Move Software Lineup

Motion controller launching alongside large software lineup this October.


Sony's "Move" motion controller device will hit retail on October 21, and it won't be alone. Sony opened a portal site for the device today detailing the lineup of compatible game that are on the way from it and its third parties.

Here's how your PlayStation 3 motion controller lineup looks at present. None of the games have exact release dates, but it's presumable that those with general "October" dates are launch titles.

Sing and Draw

Use the Motion Controller to draw on your television monitor. The game plays a variety of sounds based off your Motion Controller movements. Release set for October. This will be bundled with a Starter Pack that includes a Motion Controller and PlayStation Eye.

Machi Suberi

Known as Slider overseas, this action game has you race through the streets while in a chair. You tilt the motion controller up and down to dash and jump. You'll need to avoid obstacles and also use kung fu action to defeat attacking gangsters. Release set for October.

Eye Pet

Interact with a pet monkey, using the Motion Controller as a variety of toys and tools. Release set for October.

Sports Champion

A sports variety game with six events, including archery, ping pong, and beach volleyball. Release set for October.

Fure! Fure! Bowling

Known as High Velocity Bowling overseas, this bowling game puts you up against a variety of silly characters. Release through PSN set for October.

Shinsetsu Mugen Kairo

This new entry in the Echochrome series has you hold the Motion Controller like a flashlight. By playing around with the light, you change the position of shadows in the stage and can help guide a character to the goal. Release set for November.

Move de Party

Known as Start the Party! overseas, this four player party game puts all players on the screen for wacky actions that use the Motion Controller. Release set for November.


An action game where you use two Motion Controllers as your fists. The game is all hand-to-hand combat -- no weapons. Release set for November.

TV Super Stars

You map your face to a character, then appear in television shows themed around cooking, fashion, sports, and other topics. Your goal is to become a superstar. Up to four players can play Release set for December.

The Shoot

A gun shooting game featuring a variety of stages, including western and sci-fi. Release set for 2011.


An RPG where you make use of the Motion Controller as a magic staff for casting magic. Release set for 2011.

Heroes on the Move

Heroes from such games as Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper appear in this action title. Release set for 2011.


A 3D puzzle game where you stack up blocks of varying materials and weights. This game uses the Motion Controller for precise controls. Release set for 2011.

Big 3 Gun Shooting

This compilation of arcade gun games includes Time Crisis Razing Storm, Dead Storm Pirates and Time Crisis 4 Arcade Version. Release for 2010.

Killzone 3

Guerilla's top-selling FPS gets its latest installment next year, complete with 3D support and optional Move controls.

Except for Fure! Fure! Bowling, these are all retail Blu-ray releases. They're all Sony games, except for Big 3 Gun Shooting, which is being released through Namco Bandai.

Most of the games require Move to work. The exceptions are Big 3 Gun Shooting and Killzone, for which the motion controls are optional.

Sony and its third parties will also be offering updates that add motion controls to current games. Titles set to be updated include Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition and Heavy Rain. Dates for the updates have yet to be specified.

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