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Namco Bandai Bundles Arcade Gun Shooters

Three arcade gun shooting games, all ready for Move-based shooting.

Screenshot of the compilation, provided by Sony today.

Sony made first mention earlier today of Big 3 Gun Shooting, one of the few third party PlayStation Move-compatible games confirmed for Japanese release.

The totally generic name may hide it, but there's a reason this particular title is coming from a third party. Big 3 Gun Shooting includes three arcade gun shooting games: Time Crisis Razing Storm, Time Crisis 4, and Dead Storm Pirates. With all that quality Namco Bandai arcade shooting going into this package, it makes sense that Namco Bandai is publisher.

Famitsu provided a few additional details on the bundle today.

Namco Bandai seems to be planning unique new features for each of the three included titles. Time Crisis 4 will feature an online ranking mode, which puts you up against players from around the world, and Trophy support. Time Crisis Razing Storm, originally released to arcades as just Razing Storm, will feature an original mode of some form. Dead Storm Pirates is being updated with some Motion Controller friendly gameplay components. A screen shows the player being asked to trace out circles over and over.

For details on the arcade versions of some of these games, see this story for a Razing Storm hands-on, and this story for a look at Dead Storm Pirates's AOU expo showing.

Famitsu's information box for Big 3 Gun Shooting lists support for between 1 and 4 players. Currently 60% complete, a release is set for Fall.

This looks like the perfect excuse to buy the Move gun attachment. The game is also compatible with Guncon, of course.

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