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Xenoblade Tops the Sales Charts

Super Mario Galaxy 2 outed from top spot by critically acclaimed Monolith RPG.

Xenoblade's unique combat system blends realtime and command elements.

Take that, Super Mario Galaxy 2! You've just been outed from the sales top spot by an RPG epic from Xenosaga developer Monolith Soft.

Xenoblade topped the carts in its first week of sales, according to Enterbrain stats that were passed along today by Famitsu.com. The Wii RPG, published by Nintendo, sold enough units in its first week to push Galaxy 2 from the top spot, which it's held since its release on May 27.

The top 10 had a strange mix of western games and Mega Man. Taking third was the PS3 version of Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City, published by the newly opened Take-Two Interactive Japan instead of Capcom. Mega Man Zero Collection debuted at 5, just ahead of Square Enix's Just Cause 2.

Here's the full top ten, covering June 7 through June 13. Games are listed with publisher, platform and release date.

  • 1. Xenoblade (Nintendo, Wii, 6/10)
  • 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (Nintendo, Wii, 5/27)
  • 3. Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City (Take-Two, PS3, 6/10)
  • 4. Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 (Square Enix, DS, 4/28)
  • 5. Mega Man Zero Collection (Capcom, DS, 6/10)
  • 6. Just Cause 2 (Square Enix, PS3, 6/10)
  • 7. Fairy Tail Portable Guild (Konami, PSP, 6/3)
  • 8. Friend Collection (Nintendo, DS, 6/18/09)
  • 9. Wii Fit Plus (Nintendo, Wii, 10/1/09)
  • 10. Winning Eleven 2010 Aoki Samurai no Chousen (Konami, PS3, 5/20)

Enterbrain will release its top 30 sales for the week next week. Media Create's top ten for the week will be available later this week at the site ranking page.

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