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So Why Exactly is Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS Called "Naked Sample?"

Hideo Kojima discusses his 3DS director debut and his childhood fear of dogs.


Konami's E3 press conference later today will hopefully shed some light on just what Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS is. The E3 demo, while reportedly doing a great job of showing off the 3DS's technical abilities, is just a loosely interactive visual demonstration.

If you can't wait for the press conference, Hideo Kojima and the Kojima Productions staff have been sharing a few hints about the E3 demo via Twitter. Here's what they had to say.

The demo is fully titled Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3DS "Naked Sample." According to Kojima, the demo was created in order to determine what kind of stealth can be done effectively using the 3DS's features. The name "Naked Sample" comes from the use of the naked eye to view the game, and the fact that it's a prototype.

Kojima Productions' Aki Saito posted some English language Tweets about the demo. Wrote Saito, "The MGS3DS that's displayed is called the "'Naked Sample.' Wanted to experiment what kind of a 3D experience can be done with the 3DS." He continued with, "'Naked Sample' has many meanings. For the Naked eye, and a meaning of a proto-type sample. Especially created for this Show! Enjoy!"

So is this really a port of PS2's Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater? We'll have to wait for clarification from Konami, and probably Kojima via Twitter, on the matter.

Unrelated to the MGS 3DS demo, Kojima has also been Tweeting about one of the few experiences he had during his short time on the E3 show floor. Kojima had to rush to the airport midway through the show's first day in order to get on a plane bound for Peace Walker's Paris launch event.

He did manage to sample the Nintendogs + Cats, though. Tweeted Kojima, "I tried out Nintendogs 3D. Even though it's just in 3D, it's nice."

Kojima's comment was in response to a Tweet from fellow game creator Yasumi Matsuno, who wondered if he was the only one who, while being drawn to such new title announcements as Zelda, MGS and Kingdom Hearts, was completely won over by Nintendogs + Cats.

Matsuno and Kojima ended up carrying on a short dialogue about pets. Matsuno asked Kojima if he's a cat guy or a dog guy. Kojima revealed that he was afraid of dogs during his childhood and, due to allergies, his family did not have cats or dogs. "I would like to at some point have a dog," he said. "But before that, I'll try caring for a dog in either 3DS Nintendogs or 360's Kinectimals."

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