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First Look: Harvest Moon's Browser Game

Team up with other players for large scale farming in new take on farming series.


Marvelous Entertainment said some time back that it would be making a browser game based off the Harvest Moon farming series. Today, we got our first look.

This is Minna de Bokujou Monogatari, or Harvest Moon With Everyone:

As detailed by MMV today, Harvest Moon With Everyone has players clear out a patch of land in a forest and build up a farm. As you'd expect of a Harvest Moon game, you grow crops and care for animals.

The game also includes the Colobocle fairy creatures that feature in most Harvest Moon games. These critters serve as partner characters and will help you in your farm work. You'll be able to build up their skills, increasing the quality of your yields. The Colobocles can also be customized with hair styles and clothing.

Different from past Harvest Moon games, the new browser installment will have a communicative element. You'll be able to cooperate with other players in your farm work. Additionally, you can form guilds for managing large scale farms. This can lead to the production of giant crops and rare animals.

Harvest Moon With Everyone is being developed by One-Up, the team that's working on Sengoku IXA for Square Enix. The game will be free to play, with MMV making money off item transactions.

A closed beta will take place this summer. Visit the game's newly opened website to put your name down for updates on the beta.

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