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Final Fantasy Agito XIII Has Harsh Visualizations of War

Director Hajime Tabata shares a few details on the FFXIII sister project with Dengeki.

Expect Agito XIII to remain in the shadows for a bit longer.

Square Enix's Hajime Tabata is likely to be busy over the next few months as The 3rd Birthday approaches its Winter release.

But, simultaneous with the Parasite Eve followup, Tabata is also directing another major PSP title, Final Fantasy Agito XIII. While development on this is trailing The 3rd Birthday, Tabata wasn't too shy to answer a few questions in a recent interview conducted in Dengeki PlayStation.

Asked for a status update on the game's production, Tabata said "The 3rd Birthday takes priority, but development is still steadily progressing. I believe it will be an FF that differs from the image fans have."

Asked what this means, he responded, "We're making it into a game where you can feel the true pain and weight as a war story. Because it has some harsh portrayals, Kitase (producer Yoshinori Kitase) is freqently making checks.

Kitase chimed in here with some further explanation: "There are parts where you see a soldier burned and falling over after being struck by fire. Initially, I warned them to not go too far in their expressions, but now I'm telling them to do whatever they want."

Closing off this little tease, Tabata said: "It's a full spec Final Fantasy that's multiplayer and can be played on the PSP. Please anticipate it greatly."

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