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Ni no Kuni PS3: Artwork Versus Realtime

Level-5 encourages us to make some comparisons. Will you take the real time challenge?


One of the big points in this week's Famitsu reveal for the PlayStation 3 version of Ni no Kuni was how closely the in-game visuals compare to the pre-drawn animation. At today's press conference, Level-5 made some similar comparisons on the event hall's main screen.

A couple of the images that were used for the comparison were included in today's batch of Ni no Kuni media, so you can compare for yourself.

First, animation:

Next, in-game:

The print Famitsu has a few additional comparison pics, but these were unfortunately not included in Level-5's media kit.

Level-5 didn't actually suggest that anyone compare the DS version and PS3 versions of Ni no Kuni, but since you're here anyway, here's a rough comparison:

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