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This Week's Flying Get

The latest magazine leaks. Updated throughout the day!

This is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd. Will we finally get a new look at the game later this week?

Irasshaimase to this week's Flying Get!

"Irasshaimase" is Japanese for "welcome." If you want to hear it without going to Japan, go to Hawaii.

"Flying Get" is Japanese for "Flying Get," or the practice of getting things in advance of their street date -- in this case, magazines.

This weekly column recaps all the flying get info that emerges form people who've managed to get Famitsu and the likes in advance of their Thursday or Friday street dates. The info is usually based off the summaries from game information blog Game Jouhou! Game no Hanashi, which usually gets its info from message boards and shady Korean game sites.

All that second handedness means there may be a few errors in this column. Be sure and check back on the main channel later in the day for more complete reports that are guaranteed free of errors or your money back (note: in the event of errors, money will not be given back because you didn't pay any money).

Last week's Flying Get was packed with details on Lord of Arcana and God Eater Burst, but the big story was Famitsu's lengthy interview with Hideo "I'm going to wear my best Hawaiian shirt for my lunch date with Microsoft" Kojima. How can Famitsu possibly top that this week? How about Monster Hunter Portable 3rd info? In its preview of this week's issue last week, Famitsu promised a long awaited update on the inevitable winner to this year's Monster Hunter Clone Wars, along with new details on some unspecified games.

It should be a packed week of magazine content, so check back here throughout the day!

End of Rengoku End of the Century on PS3 (added 14:42)

It looks like Hudson has pulled the plug on PS3's Rengoku: End of the Century. This seems to be one of those annoying release list cancelations, where Famitsu merely lists at the bottom of its release calendar that a game has been cancelled, and that's the last we ever hear of it.

Rengoku: End of the Century was of the earliest announced PS3 titles. Previously, the series has seen two PSP installments, The Tower of Purgatory and The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N. (all the periods are why they haven't been sued).

Dream Club Portable is a Port (added 13:50)

It looks like the PSP Dream Club game isn't a new game at all, but just a port of the Xbox 360 version. New Features? Famitsu doesn't say, but I'm still bursting with joy at this news.

Producers Speak About 3DS (added 13:48)

It looks like Famitsu has a big feature on the 3DS this week with commentary from the various producers of the system's upcoming games.

Game Jouhou has just one bit from this feature. Apparently Super Robot Taisen series producer Takanobu Terada says they're wondering if they should make the 3DS Tales game like Super Robot Taisen Neo.

Hudson Opens PlayStation Home Lounge (added 13:42)

... and that's all we know at the moment.

Here are pics of some other lounges:

Tales Producer Abuses Twitter (added 13:40)

This is Makoto Yoshitsumi:

He's the big boss man for the Tales series.

Late last month, he Tweeted a tease about an interview he'd just done for Famitsu. Given that Namco Bandai has been promising a major Tales announcement for the summer, many took Yoshitsumi's Tweet to be a hint at a Tales unveil.

It looks like we all got excited for nothing. As a few readers (I'm looking at you, Yuan!) figured, the interview, in this week's Famitsu, is just about Tales of Phantasia Narikiri Dungeon X.

The magazine apparently has an interview with both Yoshitsumi and a female producer. I'll do an update if she's hot. (Sorry... I'm lonely.)

Famitsu Gives Big Tease For Next Week (added 13:23)

Famitsu is promising a "super huge scoop that you definitely won't want to miss" for next week's issue.

Famitsu's big Monster Hunter feature (added 13:23)

Famitsu promised a big look at Monster Hunter Portable 3rd this week, and it delivered in a big way, with over 14 pages of content.

Taking up a good amount of space is a look at what's new with the game's weapons. I'm not much of a Monster Hunter player, but here's a rough translation of Game Jouhou's summary:

Sword and Shield
Has a "back knuckle" move, where you attack with your shield. Can also steal stamina.
Dual Sword
Has some sort of move called Kijin Kyouka.
Long Sword
The breadth of attack when charging has been improved.
Great Sword
You can now attack while stepping.
Slash Axe
Has poison effects.
Can steal stamina.
Hunting Horn
As you attack, you store musical notes. Once you've stored enough, you can perform a musical piece for special attack effects.
You can dash forward while guarding.
Gun Lance
You now have access to a quick reload..
Light Bowgun
You can connect directly from a shot to a step.
Heavy Bowgun
You can attack while ducking, although you can't move while in this state.
Have access to three types of charging moves.

Pro hunters who've been studying their Japanese should check out the original Japanese summary Game Jouhou.

Outside of the weapon details, it also looks like the magazine details the game's monster stamina system. Monsters have a stamina setting. When they get tired, they'll eat smaller monsters to recover their strength.

Play Dream Club Portable vertically (added 11:30)

A couple of bits about Dream Club Portable:

  • The game is set for Fall release.
  • It looks like D3 will be offering download content.
  • You can hold the PSP in vertical "tate" mode to play. I wonder what for...
These are two sides of a Dream Club pillow case.

Golden Sun's Official Japanese name is... (added 11:30)

Nintendo named the DS entry in the Golden Sun series "Golden Sun: Dark Dawn." That's just for the English version of the game though. In Japan, the game will be known as Ougon no Taiyou: Shikkoku-naru Yoake. Nothing to get excited over... the Japanese name translates pretty much directly to Golden Sun Dark Dawn.

Dark Dawn was playable at E3, and everything in Game Jouhou's summary appears to be in the Golden Sun Wiki. The only differences I can see are in the character names. Main character Matthew's Japanese name appears to be Muto. Karis is Karis, but Tyrell is Terry. The Japanese versions of the names may just be listed in short forms, or the original transcriber might have misread, so there's probably nothing to get excited about.

D3's hostess sim goes portable (added 09:46)

That unlikely and -- to be honest -- somewhat uncomfortable relationship between PSP and Xbox 360 continues this week with the revelation that D3 Publisher will be bringing its Xbox 360 hostess sim Dream Club to the PSP. The game appears in Famitsu's table of contents section under the name "Dream Club Portable." Details have yet to surface.

The original 360 version has players interact with a group of mostly human hostesses (one of them is an android). Considered D3's take on the Idol Master craze, the game proved to be a major success in the download content department, appearing high atop Microsoft's Xbox Live download stats for 2010.

It looks like PSP and Xbox 360 will continue to be the way get your digital gal fix.

One sample of Dream Club's download content.

Other new titles mentioned in this week's Famitsu table of contents:

  • The Dolphin I Love, The Dolphin that Loves Me (DS)
  • Dementium 2 (DS)
  • More! Stitch! DS Scribble Battle Through Rhythm DS (DS)
  • Lord of Vermillion II Ultimate Version (Arcade)
  • SNK Girls' Island (Mobile)

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