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Blazing Lazers Hits PSN Next Week

Three new Turbo titles for Sony's retro download service.


This week's Game Archives lineup was PlayStation-focused, with a whopping (it really is a lot!) eleven 32-bit titles newly added to the store. So what if 32-bit isn't your thing? What if you prefer that rare blend of 8-bit CPU with 16-bit graphics?

Check PSN next week, and you'll find some new PC Engine Archive releases. Hudson and Konami have three titles on the way:

Neutopia II

Sequel to Zelda clone Neutopia. You play as the son of the main character from the original. Your father disappeared while exploring a dungeon after having heard that the demon king was about to be revived. You're out to find him.


Konami's sequel to Gradius. The Vic Viper heads off to the enemy home world.

Blazing Lazers

The classic of all PC Engine/Turbo Grafx shooters, said at the time to push the limits of its hardware (this is according to Hudson's press release today). Take control of your Gunhed Star Fighter ship and face off agains the invading Dark Squadron.

These three titles will be available on the 21st, priced at ¥600 each.

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