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Wii Party Tops 200,000 in First Week

Media Create software chart updated with the top 30 for the week.


The rankings page has been updated with Media Create's sales data covering July 5 through July 11.

Wii Party topped the charts in its first week, with 235,000 units sold across its various versions. Nintendo released the game solo and bundled with your choice of pink or white Wiimotes.

Your buying options for Wii Party.

White Knight Chronicles 2 came in at second with 176,000 units sold. Sony has been heavily promoting the inclusion of the first game in full with the sequel. It's also been using some slightly less conventional promotions.

Also debuting this week were Harvest Moon Twin Villages at 4, and Crackdown 2 at 7. Outside of the top 10, Toy Story 3 debuted at 30.

See the full Media Create top 30 here. For hardware results, check back on Friday.

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