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Fortune Arterial Teaser Site Opens

Get your first look at the new character for the PS3 version of August's adults-only PC visual novel.


The PlayStation 3 adaptation of August's Fortune Arterial is totally official now, as publisher Kadokawa Shoten opened a teaser official site for it today.

Fully titled Fortune Arterial Akai Yakusoku ("Red Promise"), this visual novel has its origins as an adults-only PC title which has spawned manga and other offshoots and will soon see an anime. As with other console adaptations of adult PC games, the PS3 version of Fortune Arterial will presumably be cleaned up for more general audiences.

Fortune Arterial is set in a school called Shuchikan Academy, located on Tamatsu Island, off shore from Japan. You play as Kohei Hasekura, a transfer student who discovers that one of his fellow students, Erika Sendo, is a vampire.

There's a detailed Wikipedia entry about Fortune Arterial if you're interested in character profiles and further story information.

Kadokawa hasn't said too much about what will be changing for the PS3 version. The only promised feature is a new heroine. You can see a sketch of the currently nameless character here:

The only screens Kadokawa sent out today were flagged "PC Version," so we're going to have to wait for a look at the PS3 version. Of course, since these are just event scenes, the PS3 version probably won't look too far off.

PC version images.
PC version images.

Fortune Arterial Akai Yakusoku will see PS3 release this Winter.

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