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Kazuma Confirmed For Next PS3 Yakuza Game

The Yakuza series main hero will be playable in the new PS3 title.


Goro Majima was the first character announced for the next PlayStation 3 Yakuza game. But he won't be the last! Today, Sega announced a second character.

It shouldn't come as too much of a surprise, but Kazuma Kiryu, main character of all the previous Yakuza games, will also have a starring role alongside Goro. Kazuma will, like Goro, be playable.

Sega shared a key visual for Kazuma. Similar to the previous image of Goro, the visual depicts Kazuma holding a pretty big gun:

Series director Toshihiro Nagoshi said today of Kazuma's appearance, "It's said that if Kiryu doesn't appear, Yakuza cannot begin. However, when we revealed Majima as the first main character, in addition to the reaction of 'You can use Majima this time!' it was widely said that 'Kiryu is gone!' and 'It's a game exclusively with Majima,' so we wanted to quickly get out information about Kiryu's appearance as well. Please wait just a bit more for the next update."

In initial interviews, Nagoshi had said that the new game, which is still without a final title, will see its true unveiling at September's Tokyo Game Show.

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