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Final Fantasy Legends Formally Announced

The Final Fantasy IV The After team reassembles for an all new Final Fantasy game.


Word leaked out earlier in the week from V Jump about a new mobile Final Fantasy game. Square Enix followed up today with official announcement.

Fully titled Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi ("Warriors of Light and Darkness"), the all original title is being developed by the staff that brought us 2008's Final Fantasy IX The After.

Like The After, Legends features 2D sprite visuals. The game will also feature many of the other elements one would expect of a classic FF game, including a traditional story surrounding crystals, light and darkness, and character growth via a job change system.

Regarding the job system in particular, Square Enix says the distribution model of the game's scenarios will shine a spotlight on the jobs. It did not provide further details.

Final Fantasy Legends will be available on mobile portal Final Fantasy Mobile starting in September for iMode users and later this Winter for EZweb users. The game's prologue will be free. Subsequent chapters will run 300 to 500 points (about ¥315 to ¥525).

Square Enix has opened an official site for the new game. The site is currently in a teaser state.

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