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Final Fantasy XIII Gets a Drama CD

Audio conversion of Episode Zero novel to include additional episode.


The only way to get the full Final Fantasy XIII story is to read the "Episode Zero" prologue that's available for viewing at the FFXIII official site. But what if you're too busy to read?

Square Enix has the solution for you: the Final Fantasy XIII Episode Zero Promise Fabula Nova Dramatica Alpha drama CD. This upcoming audio conversion of the prologue text features performances by the game's voice acting staff, including Maya Sakamoto as Lightning and Daisuke Ono as Snow.

You may want to pick up the drama CD even if you've read through the prologue, as it includes an exclusive bonus story. The first pressing also has some collection value, as it includes a script booklet and an original sleeve case.

Look for the drama CD conversion on September 15 at ¥3,000. A hardcover print version of the Prologue is also available for purchase.

Complete the FFXIII experience with this new drama CD.

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