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Super SFIV Arcade Flyer Hints at New Characters

What does that curiously placed question mark mean?


Super Street Fighter IV's arcade version is set to go on location test later this week. Capcom has thus far detailed only a couple of presentational changes over the home version. But testers may find additional surprises.

There's some text of interest at the bottom of an arcade flier that recently popped up:

At the bottom, in English, "Here comes new challengers?!"

Is this in reference to Juri, Hakan and the other newcomers that were added for Super? Or does this mean the arcade version will have additional characters beyond this? The answer lies in that question mark!

The other text on the flier states that the game has 35 characters, 18 of which will be new to those who stopped playing SFIV after the original's arcade release. Additionally, the flier notes that you can reuse your SFIV NESYS card with the game, although Capcom will be readying new cards as well.

In past interviews, producer Yoshinori Ono hasn't ruled out new characters for the arcade version. Asked about the possibility of arranged costumes and new characters by Famitsu a couple of weeks back, Ono responded with a suspicious laugh.

Location testers should be on the lookout for any suspicious question marks later this week. See here for details on the location test.

[Seen at Hachimaki]

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