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Nippon Ichi Post Card Hints at Disgaea Announcement

A tease without the countdowns.


Nippon Ichi is teasing a new game -- but not directly to fans.

Reader Yuan passed along a link to Dengeki PlayStation Online, a website affiliated with the Prinny-friendly Dengeki line of magazines. Earlier today, the site posted a pic of a mysterious post card it received from the company:

Is this a tease about Disgaea 4? Whatever it is, that girl in the middle is definitely wearing a Prinny hat.

The site says "Look forward to formal announcement."

Disgaea 4 was mentioned earlier this year in a Nippon Ichi financial report, then confirmed for PS3 earlier this month at a US press event. The "formal announcement" Dengeki refers to is expected to come at September's Tokyo Game Show, but perhaps we can look forward to an early reveal in Dengeki in advance of that.

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