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These Could Be Your Next Yakuza Hostesses

Sega narrows its hostess selection down to sixteen lovelies.


Sega is currently holding auditions for girls who will appear as hostesses in the next PS3 entry in the Yakuza series. The selection process reached the second phase today as Sega opened general voting for 16 finalists who passed an initial audition phase.

You can vote on the girls for yourself at the audition site from today through August 29. Sega will consider the results of the general vote when it holds final auditions on August 31 to determine the finalists.

Before voting, get to know the finalists here.

Yuria Hayashida / 林田ゆりあ

22-year-old talent

Satomi Tateishi / 立石 都美

21-year-old college student

Hina Sakuragi / 桜木 ひな

20-year-old waitress

Ai Sakura / 咲良 あい

25-year-old Akiba-style idol and Agejo girl

Ai Hayama / 葉山 あい

24-year-old race queen and "cheer mama"


24-year-old web shop manager

Minami Fujisaki / 藤咲みなみ

22-year-old hostess from Kabukicho

Erika Mizuhi / 水嶋 えりか

21-year-old hostess from Osaka

Yumi Kimura / 木村友美

23-year-old "egg of a model"

Ayaka / あやか

20-year-old restaurant manager

Ryo Wagaritsu / 我妻☆涼

25-year-old hostess from Okinawa

Yuna / 優菜

23-year-old bunny girl and Chinese teacher

Yuka Ohnishi / 大西 結花

20-year-old soccer instructor

Saaya Kawai / 川合 紗綾

21-year-old trade school student

Natsumi Zatsui / 財津夏実

21-year-old hostess from Osaka

Shihon Mitsuke / 夢月 しほん

25-year-old hostess from Fukuoka

You'll also find individual interviews with the girls at the audition site

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